International travel rules are changing rapidly. On the last day, China closed its borders to almost all foreign nationals, restricted foreign airlines from accessing one passenger plane in China each week, and cut domestic airlines from each foreign country to one passenger plane per week. The hotel still accepts foreigners to a large extent, but there are certain restrictions but some confusion. Details after the jump.
Enter China

A formal notice from the National Migration Service states that all other visa, non-visa entry policies and standard residence permit holders will not be able to enter China from midnight on Saturday, March 28. Only diplomatic, official, courtesy or C-Cert holders are allowed (crew) visas to enter the country.

Foreign passport holders with rare Chinese permanent residency, also known as the China Green Card, are still allowed to enter China. Foreign spouses or children of mainland residents who do not have permanent residency are not exempt. According to the Border Inspection Service, although foreign passport holders with permanent residency in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau cannot enter mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau passport holders can still enter the mainland.

You can call the border inspection agencies of Beijing 010-5609-5400 or Shanghai 021-5110-5100 for answers.

Minimize flights to and from China

On Thursday, the Civil Aviation Administration of China restricted international flights operated by domestic and foreign airlines. Currently, each foreign airline can only operate one route and flights to mainland China per week. Domestic airlines can only operate one route per week and one flight to each foreign country. All flights to and from mainland China must keep passenger capacity below 75%.

Passengerless cargo aircraft are not affected. The new adjusted flight schedule will be submitted by the airline on Saturday, March 29.

Can foreigners stay in hotels now?

If you find yourself trapped in Shanghai, foreign passport holders are allowed to stay at the hotel. As of Thursday, March 26, we have called 11 high-end hotels and serviced apartments. The general rule seems to be that as long as you have not been to one of the 24 high-risk countries in the past 14 days, you will likely be allowed to check in. A green slogan or green suishenma at the airport is a prerequisite. If you have completed a 14-day quarantine at a special quarantine location, a paper release certificate will be provided and is also required in the hotel.

Individual hotels and serviced apartments have their own specific rules and requirements, so please clarify in advance.