In order to further prevent and control the new pneumonia epidemic at customs and prevent the epidemic from spreading through customs, the General Administration of Customs has officially launched the fourth edition of the health declaration card of the People’s Republic of China for outbound/inbound passengers on March 3, 2020.

All entry and exit personnel shall present the information of the electronic declaration bar code or the completed paper health declaration card, and cooperate with the health quarantine work such as temperature monitoring, medical inspection, and medical screening. Any concealment or false reporting, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

What prevention and control measures are adopted for entry and exit personnel?

· closely follow the development of the epidemic situation at home and abroad

collecting all kinds of epidemic information from multiple channels and carry out timely research and judgment

· fully launch the health declaration system

All entry and exit personnel are required to fill in health declaration forms. The customs check the declaration contents at the port, strictly checks whether there are any symptoms, whether you have been to the affected region or country within 14 days, and whether you have a history of exposure. Before arriving at the port, the exiting personnel can use the mobile phone Mini Program to fill in the form, generating a QR code, scan the code at the port to check.

What are the prevention and control measures for the entry of people from key countries?

· before the international flight arrives

The national immigration management system carried out big data analysis. Relevant personnel from key epidemic countries and regions shall be pre-screened and inspected in advance, and the results and relevant information shall be reported to the customs and quarantine departments, so as to buy time for timely and effective testing of personnel involved in the epidemic.

· after international flight entry

The border inspection authorities strictly inspect the entry personnel in accordance with the law and regulations, and we will promptly inform the quarantine department of the customs of those who have a history of travel or residence in the prominent overseas epidemic areas for inspection and quarantine. Take the initiative to timely report the information of entry and exit of relevant countries and regions to the local government and relevant departments of the place of entry.

· strengthen the inspection of vehicles from countries or regions with severe epidemic diseases, implement on-boarding quarantine for all, and ensure early detection and early control of import risks.

What are the changes in the immigration policy for ex-pats during the outbreak?

· During the epidemic prevention and control period, foreigners in China can automatically extend their residence suspension for two months if the time limit has expired. Within the extended time limit, there is no need to go through the extension procedures, but you can still stay in China legally or leave the country normally.

· As there is some special anti-epidemic work, the exit and entry administration departments of public security in various places provide 24-hour urgent certification service for Chinese and foreigners who participate in the anti-epidemic work such as medical aid, drug development, and academic exchange.

· Aliens who come to China to participate in exchanges and cooperation on epidemic prevention and quarantine or to engage in important business, trade or scientific research activities may apply for a port visa at a port of entry if they cannot get a visa in time for an emergency.

· Foreigners in China, like Chinese citizens, can also enjoy the online application, mail, and delivery of applications, as well as the real-time inquiry service relating to immigration policy adjustment in the National Immigration Administration website.